We developed an innovative word-of-mouth sampling campaign for Tetley, to support the launch of Tetley Redbush, a naturally caffeine free drink… the ‘Tetley Redbush Challenge’. Participants were challenged to drink 2 cups of Tetley Redbush a day for 2 weeks and feel the difference!

The challenge was introduced to new mums through a ‘Tetley Redbush Ranger’ who visited NCT groups. He made Tetley Redbush for the mums to sample, and also explained the key benefits of the new drink. Mums were then invited to take part in the ‘Tetley Redbush Challenge’, and then report back 2 weeks and 8 weeks later through an online survey.

After 8 weeks, 52% of participants were drinking 2 or more cups a day of Tetley Redbush, Plus, on average, participants had told 4.7 other people about Tetley Redbush and the ‘Ranger’ visit. They had also recommended the product to 4.6 other people. 39.4% of people had got friends or family to take part in the challenge, and of those people drinking Tetley Redbush they had purchased 2.19 packs in the last 8 weeks.

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