This web site collects data as follows:

  1. When you agree to receive our email newsletter by using one of the boxes on the web site
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We, Family & Education (iChild Limited), are the Data Controller in respect of this data.

We will retain and use this data as follows:

Email Newsletter Signups

  • We will store this data in a database containing details of subscribers to our email newsletter.
  • We will access this data in order to send out occasional email marketing messages.
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  • We will not pass your email address on to any third party (except when required to do so by law).

Page Impression Data

  • We will store this data on our server(s) for a period of 90 days.
  • We will destroy this data after 90 days, or when compelled to do so by law, whichever is sooner.
  • We will not disclose this data to any third party except when required to do so by law, or in order to informally (but in good faith) investigate possible civil or criminal offences.

If you have further questions about how we work with data, please contact us.