Preschool campaign to promote Miffy to 70,000 practitioners and parents

Miffy Carousel-banner

Miffy is the classic character created by Dick Bruna in 1955. The timeless storybooks follow Miffy and her friends as they explore the world around them, with the important values of family and friendship inherent in each story. Dick Bruna’s distinctive palate of bright primary colours and simple shapes provide plenty of space for a child’s imagination to roam throughout his stories.

Family and Education / iChild worked with Highlight PR to create an online campaign for Early Years educational practitioners, offering a range of printable materials on the iChild website that reflected Dick Bruna’s approach.

The website provided 300,000 advertising impressions across the month-long campaign.

A solus email was sent to: 20,000 EYFS professional members and 50,000 iChild parent members.