Promoting the new series, Oddbods, to 70,000 educational practitioners and parents


Family and Education / iChild worked with Hello Communications to create an online campaign for teachers and parents of children aged 3 to 7.

Oddbods is an Emmy-nominated series featuring seven very different, highly loveable friends who survive the perils of everyday life together. They (unintentionally) turn ordinary situations into extraordinary and always humorous events.  Oddbods teach us that it’s our differences that make life richer; everyone has their quirks and we should embrace these in others and in ourselves. These colourful little guys turn ‘different’ into a positive!

A dedicated Oddbods activity section was created on the iChild website, featuring lesson plans and supporting activities. These were downloaded and used by nurseries, schools, childminders and homes across the country.

The website provided over 300,000 advertising impressions across the month-long campaign.

A solus email was sent to: 30,000 EYFS professional members and 50,000 iChild parent members.