“One of the most successful partnerships we have conducted”


“Through iChild we were able to target and engage with a large population of highly print-active inkjet printer owners. This was done in a very relevant way, with the development of themed printable activity kits supported by editorial, advertising and CRM. These elements were seamlessly integrated into the iChild website to provide a valuable and very natural consumer experience. Through this approach we were able to build long-term relationships with a key target audience, and the ability to communicate important sales messages in a ‘warm’ and very relevant environment.

“The iChild team provided excellent support, creativity and a high level of flexibility that enabled us to grow and build the content and maximise our investment and return. The iChild partnership was an important component in our drive to significantly increase awareness and sales for Kodak All-in-One printers. Sadly, the relationship came to an end due to Kodak Worldwide’s decision to wind down business in this category, but it was certainly considered a very successful partnership.”
Lucy Parsons, 
European Marketing Manager, Kodak